MIRACLE Surrogacy is based in the USA and is owned and operated by Henry and Brian Yaden, who have been through the surrogacy process themselves. Their first child, Patricia was born through surrogacy in Thailand in November 2014. They couldn’t be more proud and grateful for the birth of their little girl. But their surrogacy journey wasn’t without some challenges along the way. Their experiences—the magical birth of their beautiful baby and the bumps in the road throughout their journey—inspired them to begin helping other intended parents in 2014 with surrogacy programs in Mexico. On November 7, 2019, Henry and Brian welcomed Patricia’s little sister, Lourdes, in Prague!

As the directors of MIRACLE Surrogacy, Henry and Brian forged a solid, professional partnership with the most experienced and world-renowned fertility clinic in Mexico, with their highly sought-after specialists in embryology, fertility, and surrogacy. Henry and Brian have direct access to the doctors and staff at their partner clinics 24 hours a day, seven days a week and make sure you receive constant updates about the progress of your surrogacy journey.

We also assist in the exit process for your baby by providing guidance on procedures for obtaining birth certificates and passports. We realize there are many questions that arise prior to beginning surrogacy, throughout the entire journey and even after the birth of your baby. Your MIRACLE Surrogacy team is available around the clock for you, every day including weekends and holidays, via Skype, phone, text or email. With MIRACLE Surrogacy, you are never alone during your surrogacy journey. We not only understand the emotional and financial stress of international surrogacy but also know the joy of succeeding and finally expanding your family. Through our personal experience and knowledge, we guide our clients through what can be a difficult process, with understanding and compassion.

Our Staff

Alex Reid

Journey Coordinator

Mr. Alex Reid will be your first point of contact for our agency. Alex will answer any initial questions you have, help you collect documents, and plan your visit to Cancun. If you would like to schedule a Discovery Call with Alex, simply go to

Dr. Eka Urushadze

General Director, Doctor

Dr. Urushadze was graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University and obtained her license in Pediatrics and has advanced degrees in Health Care Management. Dr. Urushadze supervises all medical operations and our other physicians, health technicians, nurses and all medical protocols including quality control, success rate monitoring and quality control. Dr. Urushadze is extremely dedicated to our intended parents’ satisfaction and the end result of creating new and expanded families for our surrogacy clients.

Tamta Tsaava

Chief IVF Doctor, Gynecologist, Reproduction Specialist

Tamta graduated with honors from Tbilisi State Medical University and started her medical career at Zhordania Institute of Human Reproduction. She successfully completed highly technical fertility training and has more than 10 years of experience in In Vitro Fertilization.  Dr. Tsaava specializes in infertility, third party assisted reproduction (egg donation and surrogacy programs) and gynecological endocrinology.  Dr. Tsaava is committed to ensuring our intended parents, egg donors and surrogates have the very best fertility care in the world.

Valeri Tokarev

Chief Embryologist, PGD/PGS Specialist

Valeri graduated from National Medicine University in Kiev, Ukraine and has been practicing specialized embryology for a decade. Veleri specializes in all modern reproductive technologies such as IVF, ICSI, PICSI, IMSI, laser hatching, PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis), vitrification (freezing), semen, oocytes and embryos as well as embryo transfers. Valeri oversees all embryology at our clinic and is a true perfectionist when it comes to fertilization, embryo development and embryo transfers. He is well-known throughout Europe as a leader in embryology and his skills in surrogacy make him a leading resource for other embryologists throughout Europe.

Maka Ratiani


Maka graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University. Besides her medical license, she holds a master’s degree in Health Care Management and Finance. Maka manages our clinic staff and oversees day-to-day management operations. She evaluates and coordinates medical and administrative programs and is highly focused on patient satisfaction. Make works directly with our MIRACLE Surrogacy country manager on all matters related to semen deposits and intended parent case management related to our clinical operations. She enjoys meeting clients and taking care of all their needs when they visit our clinic.

Sophie Gabriadze

Patient Coordinator

Sophie was graduated from Tbilisi Medical University and pursued her further studies in Tallinn, Estonia where she had obtained Master of Science Degree in Healthcare Engineering. As our Patient Coordinator our clinic, Sophie works directly with our MIRACLE Surrogacy team with scheduling semen deposits, among other client-related needs. We are very proud of having Sophie on our team and she greets all our clients in person when they go for their semen deposit at our clinic.