Program & Costs of Surrogacy in PRague

MIRACLE Surrogacy’s Guaranteed Baby Prague Program guarantees your will have a baby and is the perfect, affordable surrogacy option, especially for citizens of European Union countries, where the you can simply Drive Home with Your Baby!  This guaranteed surrogacy program is open to all people, including gay, straight, married/couples and single people.  This international surrogacy program is also available to clients who are HIV+ as we carefully conduct sperm washing to eliminate all risk to the surrogate and your baby.

For your semen deposit, you will travel to Cancun, Mexico where MIRACLE Surrogacy’s clinic, Fertility Clinic Americas is located.  You will be greeting by our team and taken to the clinic for your consultation and semen deposit.  Because this is a Guaranteed Baby Program, you will need to leave multiple semen deposits over a 3-day period.  Our state-of-the-art European clinic is staffed by doctors, nurses, embryologists, and other team members who speak English and are fully trained in fertility.

Brian and Henry frequently travel to Cancun, Mexico for meetings with clients and the clinic staff.  They are very proud of their fertility program at the clinic, where they conducted their very own surrogacy journey for their second baby.

While the cost of surrogacy in the United States can exceed $150,000 to $200,000 USD with no guarantees, MIRACLE Surrogacy’s Guaranteed Baby Program 100% guarantees you will have a baby.  This surrogacy program includes unlimited IVF egg collection cycles and unlimited embryo transfers, all surrogacy pregnancy care, medicines and baby delivery, all for approximately $92,000 USD.